Any person or company who has made the effort to come here, is someone, or a team of people I'd love to work with!


I am an Intrapreneur who is a rebel with a cause.  I'm an advocate for the underdog, and on a mission to help people and organisations to become the best version of themselves. 


I'm on the hunt for SMART consumers.

  • A SMART consumer believes everyone should be the proprietors of their own data.
  • They enjoy engaging with people and brands they trust
  • An empowered consumer authenticates their value with transparent behaviour, enabled by technology.
  • SMART communities co-create meaningful digital experiences within circles of relationships.

This micro-segment of society builds brand capital by creating value exchanges as a measure for success.


My opinions are a part of my identity and I collaborate with mutually exclusive individuals who strive to make a difference for the people who matter. Capital Markets are evolving, and they will not operate in the context they do today.  Including the hyper-speculative activity dominating the digital currency exchange market. Blockchain is perfectly designed for wealth distribution and is unsustainable as equity gain.


Research, technology development and behavioural economics are superseding sales & marketing, driven by the engineering genius of Blockchain, cryptocurrency and influential ambassadors who are mining wealth for a self managing democratic society.


Each one of us is a consumer and we have a diverse range of skills.


Our aim is to strengthen the community and success of our startups with the infrastructure they need to scale.  We also facilitate mutually valuable relationships with Corporates, Education, Industry groups, and Government to connect the right people with each other.




THE GAME OF LIFE — Why I quit to join the rebels with a cause

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